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Due to the nature of artwork and the possibility of clerical errors, our prices cannot be guaranteed as marked. However, if there is a clerical error on our part, we will be glad to assist you in either adjusting the amount or issuing you a full refund. If you have any questions or concerns regarding artwork that you are interested in purchasing, please feel free to contact us.

Featured Artwork

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Classic Bedtime Stories
10 1/2"w x 12"h
Tradebook $19.95*
Native Trails, Fresh Tracks
9"w x 12"h
Tradebook $60.00*
Fish in a Toucan Mask
Limited Edition Print (19 1/2"w x 16"h) $195.00*
Limited Edition Canvas (25"w x 20"h) $495.00*
My Brother, Jim Irwin
- by Alan Bean
12"w x 15"h
Limited Edition Canvas $275.00*
Senator Schmitt Samples Subsurface Soil
- by Alan Bean
New! Created for Spacefest. Now available to you!
Limited Edition Print (17 1/4"w x 24"h)- Limited Availability $275.00*
First Human Footprint, The
- by Alan Bean
12"w x 15"h
Limited Edition Canvas- Sold Out at Publisher $295.00*
Man Who Minds the Moon, The
18"w x 22"h
Limited Edition Canvas $395.00*
La Duquesa
Limited Edition Canvas (21"w x 17"h) $395.00*
Limited Edition Canvas (32"w x 26"w) $595.00*
Our World at My Fingertips
- by Alan Bean
24"w x 17"h
Limited Edition Canvas- Limited Availability $395.00*
Angel Unaware
24"w x 16"h
Limited Edition Canvas $445.00*

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