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William Phillips

Aviation, Landscape, Nostalgia

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Artwork by William Phillips: (click images for larger preview)

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Mission Complete, The Journey Continues
27"w x 19"h
Limited Edition Canvas (co-signed) $495.00
Rising Into the Storm LEC
36"w x 22"h
Limited Edition Masterwork Canvas- Limited Availability $650.00
Rising Into the Storm LEP
24"w x 15 1/2"h
Limited Edition Print $395.00
Grand Expedition, The
Limited Edition Canvas (22"w x 33"h) $695.00
Limited Edition Canvas (18"w x 27"h) $495.00
Afternoon Mail
9"w x 12"h
Limited Edition Smallworks Canvas $195.00
On Wings and A Prayer
30"w x 20"h
Limited Edition Canvas $595.00
Sunset Recovery
Limited Edition Print (24"w x 18"h) $195.00
Limited Edition Canvas (28"w x 21"h) $495.00
Limited Edition Masterwork Canvas (37"w x 28"h) $895.00
A Prayer for My Brother
Framed Open Edition Print $315.00
Open Edition Print (Image size: 12"w x 16"h) $70.00
Open Edition Canvas (15"w x 20"h) $275.00
Long Ride Home, The
31"w x 21"h
Limited Edition Canvas $595.00
Engaging the Enemy
Giclee print is countersigned by surviving Doolittle members!
Limited Edition Giclee Print (23"w x 23"h) $395.00
Limited Edition Canvas (24"w x 24"h) $650.00

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