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William Phillips

Aviation, Landscape, Nostalgia

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Westbound: A Date with the General
Signed by Maj. Gen. USAF David Jones, (Ret.), Col. USAF William Bower, (Ret.), Lt. Col. USAF Richard Cole, (Ret.), Lt. Col. USAF Edward Saylor, (Ret.), Navigator Charles Ozuk, Jr., Navigator Thomas Griffin, MSgt USAF Edwin Horton Jr., (Ret.) and Engineer
Limited Edition Canvas (30"w x 35 "h) $1295.00
Limited Edition Print (22"w x 25 11/16"h)- Limited Availability $550.00
Dawn of the Liberators
12"w x 9"h
Limited Edition Smallworks Canvas- Sold Out at Publisher $235.00
Christmas Eve at the Ahwahnee
Image size; 20"w x 15"h
Framed Limited Edition Canvas $740.00
Limited Edition Canvas $450.00
Returning Fire
Limited Edition Print (16"w x 12"h) $145.00
Limited Edition Canvas (20"w x 15"h) $395.00
An Evening to Remember at Thunderbird Lodge, Lake Tahoe
34"w x 17"h
Limited Edition Canvas- Sold Out at Publisher $1035.00
Lightning from the Sun w/Into the Sunlit Splendor book
14"w x 11"h
Limited Edition Canvas w/book $595.00
If Only In My Dreams
17"w x 36"h
Limited Edition Canvas- Limited Availability $795.00
Summer of '45: And All Creation Rejoiced
Image size: 36"w x 16"h
Framed Limited Edition Canvas- Sold Out at Publisher $2195.00
Guardian at the Gate, The
20"w x 15"h
Limited Edition Canvas $495.00
Best Seat in the House
Limited Edition Print (19 1/8"w x 24"h)- Sold Out at Publisher $225.00
Limited Edition Canvas- enhanced (24"w x 30"h)- Limited Availability $775.00

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